Learn Certified Japanese Language with Online Classes

Japanese language brings a lot of amazing opportunities for your career. If you are a career-oriented person and want to relocate to Japan, why don’t you join a Japanese course right away? Learning Japanese is no longer a tricky task now. Language 23 allows you to learn the Japanese language with audio lessons online. This means that you can listen to this audio lesson at any time and understand everything about the language. We provide the best Japanese lessons for you and ensure you never face any inconvenience in your way of learning a language online. These audio lessons are recorded by our professionals, who are always curious to make language learning easy for you.

Learn Japanese  Language with Audio Lessons Online

With us, you can learn certified Japanese language with online classes and you don’t have to find time to join the coaching. We provide a flexible learning experience for all and ensure anyone can join our classes and learn Japanese online from the convenience of home. We provide a complete syllabus and work proactively on your accent to make sure you speak Japanese like a native speaker. Our team of professional tutors never leaves you in doubt. In fact, we encourage people to join our sessions and clear their doubts in a fuss-free manner. Therefore, if you are planning to learn Japanese online, join our certificate course and start learning today.

FAQ’s on JapaneseLanguage Courses Online

Are hiragana and katana different Japanese languages?

Hiragana, katakana, and kanji are three different syllabaries of the Japanese language having a difference in writing as well as reading style. As all of these syllabaries are used in the country, it is beneficial to be knowledgeable about each of them while learning Japanese by non-native speakers. 

Is it better to learn Japanese with a textbook or from audio lessons?

While textbook is the source of getting to know about the writing part of the language, audio lessons are also important to get a better hold at the pronunciation and accent of the language. Here, at LANGUAGE 23, we offer certified online Japanese learning lessons to the learners who want to learn Japanese language with audio lessons online. With our audio lessons online, you will get a better understanding of the language quicker. 

Where can I get a certificate for learning the Japanese language online? 

If you want to learn certified Japanese language with online classes from your home, then LANGUAGE 23 is the place for you to be! Here, we offer online classes for the Japanese language conducted by the native speakers and certified Japanese language tutors having excellent command over the language so that you can get a more in-depth knowledge of the language from the very beginning of the course. 

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